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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Premium Bonus and Piece Work

Premium Bonus and Piece Work.

Conditions in the United States and South African shops were explained.

Mr. Angus made a strong plea for the introduction of some similar system whereby men are rewarded according to their output, though guaranteed their daily wage as well. He appreciated the fact and regretted that men who have experienced such systems in Britain, had cause to look with suspicion on such schemes. A man who had been brought up under the United States methods would, however, not have the same outlook. Modern business men recognised that rates or times once set must never be altered unless an alteration occurred in the design of the article being manufactured, or in the method of manufacture, and if this rule was maintained piecework or the bonus system gave harmonious and satisfactory results.

The method in South Africa where shops committees confer with the management and arrange basis for piece-work or bonus rates was explained.