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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Selling Transport

Selling Transport.

Mr. Angus gave numerous illustrations of the methods adopted by the United States railways to obtain business and meet the intense motor competition. Everywhere one is treated with the utmost courtesy. Everything possible is done for the comfort and convenience of clients, not only on railways, but in every class of business.

For instance, you do not obtain your ticket from an official who is hidden behind a poky window; a commodious concourse is provided and you obtain your ticket over a well appointed counter. The idea is that clients become irritated and impatient when kept waiting in a long queue outside a booking window, but, when they can see that the man selling tickets is doing his best they will exercise more patience. The methods of controlling road traffic in the United States were explained. The hotel accommodation and services were commended, and amusing illustrations of their business methods proved that the lecturer is no tyro at the game. Members were so interested that the two hours passed far too quickly. Mr. Angus was accorded a hearty vote of thanks, in appreciation of, perhaps the most interesting lecture of the session.