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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

A Toast To Laughter

A Toast To Laughter.

Here's to laughter! The sunshine of the soul, the happiness of the heart, the leaven of youth, the privilege of purity, the echo of innocence, the treasure of the humble, the cup of pleasure; it dispels dejection, banishes blues, and mangles melancholy. It is the foe to woe, the destroyer of depression, the enemy of grief. It is what kings envy the peasants, plutocrats envy the poor, the guilty envy the innocent. For laughter is the sheen on the silver of smiles, the ripple on the water of delight, the glint of the gold of gladness; without it humour would be dumb, wit would wither, dimples disappear, and smiles shrivel. It is the glow of a clean conscience, the voice of a pure soul, the birth cry of mirth, the swan song of sadness.—The Log.

The sovereignty of man licth hid in knowledge; wherein many things are reserved that kings with their treasure cannot buy nor with their force command.—Bacon.

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Taranaki's Snow-clad Sentinel, Mt. Egmont (8,260 feet)

Taranaki's Snow-clad Sentinel, Mt. Egmont (8,260 feet)