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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Suggestions and Inventions — Monetary Awards and Commendations (October)

page 79

Suggestions and Inventions
Monetary Awards and Commendations (October)


Burton, W. D., Assistant Workshops Foreman, Petone.—Awarded a preliminary bonus of £15 for suggested improved ratchet for pulling in cylinder bushes.

Christie, N. C., Fitter, Frankton Junction.—Awarded £25 in recognition of his part in the development of the present standard bridle.

Davis, T. F., Boilermaker, Petone.—Awarded £2 for suggested gusset stay for steps of “La” wagons.

Espersen, M. T., Leading Fitter, Petone.—Awarded a preliminary bonus of £6 for suggested method of fixing moulding boxes to table of moulding machine.

Godber, A. P., Assistant Workshops Foreman.—Commended for interest and initiative displayed in connection with suggested mandrel and double tool holder for turning locomotive axle box crown brasses.

Hanna, W. T., Clerk, Christchurch.—Awarded £5 and commended for suggestion in connection with the renewal of ledger accounts.

Hodge, J., Boilermaker, Hillside.—Awarded £1 for suggested slotted bolt for holding spark arresters.

Henry, W. T., Boilermaker, Petone.—Awarded a preliminary bonus of £10 for ingenuity displayed in designing a tool for making spacing block and binding hoop out of one piece of steel in two operations.

Jenkins, C. A., Workshops Foreman, Invercargill. —Awarded £2 and commended for time and thought expended in formulating a proposal dealing with the matter of advertising the Railway Department on the back of passenger tickets.

Kidman, H. V., Porter, Otorohanga.—Awarded £2 for suggestion that a long iron or hardwood “arm” be used to facilitate the handling of sheep and timber wagons.

Longton, A. N., Clerk, Wellington.—Awarded £5 and commended for interest and initiative displayed in compiling and submitting ready reckoners for computing measurements of timber.

Smith, E. W., Leading Fitter, Petone.—Awarded £2 for suggestion for the prevention of cracked freight car bogie channels.

Seaton, W., Leading Lifter, Wellington.— Awarded £2 and commended for interest displayed in suggesting alteration to freight bogies to facilitate the replacing of broken springs.


Abraham, H. L., Enginedriver, Otira.—Suggestion in connection with a hinged bow for pantograph collectors on electric locomotives at Otira.

Buick, W. B., Fitter, Petone.—For time and thought expended in formulating various proposals.

Hudson, C. E., Tinsmith, Addington.—Suggested method of attaching bevel-edged glasses to hand signal lamps.

King, W. H., Shift Engineer, Otira.—Interest displayed in submitting suggestions in connection with the electrical arrangements at Otira Power House.

Lister, D. C., Shift Engineer, Otira.—Suggested method of handling oil for cleansing purposes at Otira.

McDonagh, H. E., Lifter, Westport.—Suggested improved capstan hook.

O'Malley, W., Clerk, Port Chalmers.—Suggested method of calculating the overhang of timber.

Seaton, W., Leading Lifter, Wellington.—Suggested alteration in the method of suspending springs in car bogies.

Talbot, W., Cranedriver, Addington.—Suggested method of strengthening buffers.

The Administration invites ideas likely to effect economics or improvements in any phase of Railway operations.

To the keen, observant employee, methods for improving the service sometimes suggest themselves in the course of the day's work.

Your suggestion or invention may be valuable both to yourself and to the Department. Do not hesitate to send it along to the Secretary, Suggestions and Inventions Committee, Head Office, Railway Department, Wellington.

Note—Although the suggestions and inventions listed have not all been adopted, the enterprise of the members concerned is greatly appreciated.


You come not, as aforetime, to the headstone every day,

And I, who died, I do not chide because, my friend, you play;

Only, in playing, think of him who once was kind and dear,

And, if you see a beauteous thing, just say, he is not here.—From “Ionica.”