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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

A Dog Story

A Dog Story

In the early days the Railway Department had many hard cases on its pay roll, and many good yarns are told of one Sam Cameron, a guard in the Southland district. Sam was a quick thinker as the following incident proves. When Sam started on his run one morning a lady brought a small poodle to the van and the poodle was duly placed in the dog-box. Somewhere along the road a bull-dog was placed in the dog-box, but when it was being placed therein the poodle escaped. At the next station there was sheep killing works and Sam slipped across and got hold of a sheep's pluck which he threw into the dog-box. When the train arrived at its destination the owner of the bull-dog duly took delivery of his dog, and the lady came along for her poodle. Sam whistled to bring the poodle out, but as it did not appear, he made a close inspection of the box. Pulling out the windpipe, which was all that was left of the pluck, Sam held it up and said, in a horrified voice, “My God! lady, that's all that's left of your dog.”