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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Heightening Mother's Enjoyment

Heightening Mother's Enjoyment.

But on the very morning of the day we changed the plan a little bit, because it occurred to father that a thing it would be better to do even than to take mother for a motor drive would be to take her fishing. Father said that as the car was hired and paid for, we might just as well use it for a drive up into hills where the streams are. As father said, if you just go out driving without any object, you have a sense of aimlessness, but if you are going to fish, there is definite purpose in front of you to heighten the enjoyment.

So we all felt that it would be nicer for mother to have a definite purpose; and anyway it turned out that father had just got a new rod the day before, which made the idea of fishing all the more appropriate, and he said that mother could use it if she wanted to, in fact, he said it was practically for her. Only mother said she would much rather watch him fish and not try to fish herself.

So we got everything arranged for the trip, and we got mother to cut up some sandwiches, and make up a sort of lunch in case we got hungry, though, of course, we were to come back home to a big dinner in the middle of the day, just like Christmas or New Year's Day. Mother packed it all up in a basket for us ready to go in the motor.