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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Amplifying the Plan

Amplifying the Plan.

The two girls thought it would be a nice thing to dress in our very best for such a big occasion, and so they both got new hats. Mother trimmed both the hats, and they looked fine, and father had bought four-in-hand silk ties for himself and us boys as a souvenir of the day to remember mother by. We were going to get mother a new hat too, but it turned out that she seemed to really like her old grey bonnet better than a new one, and both the girls said that it was awfully becoming to her.

Well, after breakfast we had it arranged as a surprise for mother that we would hire a motor car and take her for a beautiful drive away in the country. Mother is hardly ever able to have a treat like that, because we can only afford to keep one maid, and so mother is busy in the house nearly all the time. And of course, the country is so lovely that it would be just grand for her to have a lovely morning driving for miles and miles.