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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Business Methods Applied To State Railways

Business Methods Applied To State Railways.

The Indian Government recently decided to separate the Railway finance from the General Government finance as has been done in New Zealand. In congratulating the Assembly on the wisdom of the decision arrived at His Excellency the Viceroy said:—

“The railway administration will possess a real incentive to economy in working on commercial lines. Proper arrangements can now be made for depreciation, and for building up railway reserves. Continuity and regular growth in railway policy has become possible; and it is hoped that in due course the public will pay less for the existing service of the railways, while railway facilities will be largely increased without addition to the burden of general taxation.”

Similar remarks to those of His Excellency have already been made in regard to the New Zealand Railways by the Rt. Hon. J. G. Coates.