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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

By Those Who Lkeus

page 41

By Those Who Lkeus

The President of the Taranaki Chamber of Commerce writes:—

We wish to take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of the work of Mr. A. W. Wellsted during his term as Commercial Agent in Taranaki. He has been the means of bringing the Department into closer touch with the business community and we, of this Chamber, wish him every success in his new sphere. Mr. Wellsted made a point of attending our meetings, and by so doing was of material assistance in matters pertaining to the Railway Department.

* * *

From Messrs. McGowan and Magee Ltd., Wellington, to Mr. E. J. Lezard, Goods Agent:

We desire to place on record our appreciation of the manner in which your staff and yourself handled the last two consignments of benzine, comprising nearly 6,000 cases ……We recognise how necessary proper cooperation is between your Department and the carriers, and it is always our endeavour to keep you advised as to the quantity and nature of the goods we are railing.

* * *

Mr. K. W. Deighton, Marton (Buyer for the Gear Company), expresses appreciation of the attention given to meeting his wagon requirements during the 1925–26 stock season. He writes:—

I should like to express my appreciation of the unfailing attention and courtesy received from the officers of your Department during the year. Owing to adverse weather conditions which prevailed early in the season….larger numbers of stock were required to be handled in a shorter space of time……and on no occasion was any of my stock held up overnight through failure to obtain trucks…….. This is a matter of the utmost importance in dealing with such perishable commodities as live stock. I consider it a matter for congratulation that such excellent results as regards railage have been obtained. Of the transport officers at Wanganui and at Ohakune, I cannot speak too highly, while the stationmasters at the various loading stations have all been most attentive.

From Messrs. Levin and Company Ltd., Feilding, to the Stationmaster at Marton:—

We wish to express to you our sincere appreciation of the very capable manner with which facilities were provided for the despatch of the 171 bullocks consigned to Auckland last week. In our extended experience in handling this class of stock we have not had better treatment…….. We recognise that a spirit of goodwill between the staffs of your Department and the public using your facilities is growing up very fast.

* * *

The services rendered by the railway staff in connection with the transportation of materials for the construction of the Kawarau Dam have elicited the following letter from Mr. S. C. W. Davis, engineer in charge:—

Upon the completion of the Kawarau Dam at the outlet of Lake Wakatipu, I would like to take this opportunity of expressing, on behalf of the Kawarau Goldmining Co., Ltd., and myself, our appreciation of the excellent service rendered by your Department and especially by Captain Leonard Robertson, Officer-in-charge at Queenstown, and his staff, in the transport of the large quantity of material required for the work. The construction material used over a period of some two years, was all handled by the Railway Department and, in addition, had to be rchandled and transhipped over Lake Wakatipu by the Lake Steamship service from Kingston to Frankton. Besides a great quantity of miscellaneous stores and equipment, the following are some of the major items handled:—

1,500 tons of cement.

220 tons of steel girders, 40ft. long.

200 tons of structural steelwork for sluice gates.

over 20,000 super ft. of New Zealand timber.

over 20,000 super ft. of hardwood bridge timber.

over 250 tons of coal.

I am pleased to state that all this material was handled promptly, without mishap, and that during the whole period of construction we have received every courtesy from your officers and staff at Queenstown, Kingston and Frankton.