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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7 (December 15, 1926)

Wagon Repairs

Wagon Repairs.

Wagons are not handled individually like cars but in rakes the complete length of the shop.

Wagons in the yard are sorted into “lights,” “mediums,” and “heavies,” making up a track length string of each class, on the basis that the whole track is to be cleared and reloaded with repairs that will all take the same number of days. One track for three day's job, one for four, and so on. On completion of repairs the whole track is cleared and a new string pushed in, leaving the string of wagons “just out” in the paint shed, for the final coat of paint and stencilling. After this they go to the “pass out” road. It will be noted that the shop is fed by pushing wagons in at one end and emptied by taking them out at the other.

On each side of the wagon shop are material storage facilities, as any method of expediting wagon repairs is bound up with having a proper supply of spare parts always at hand.

Electric capstans are provided so that, in the absence of the shunter, shops may draw tracks should occasion require it.

New wagon frames and all structural steel, will be delivered out of the midway end of the structural shop and lifted by midway crane and placed on track ready to enter construction shop, as they are delivered complete out at the other end. This method allows bogies and frames to be fabricated and stored ahead of erection.

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Layout of New Car and Wagon Workshops, Otahuhu

Layout of New Car and Wagon Workshops, Otahuhu