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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 6 (October 24, 1926)

Maintenance Branch

Maintenance Branch.

Bridge Inspectors:

Mahoney, J., to Foreman of Works, Grade 4, Greymouth.

Stead, A. C., to Foreman of Works, Grade 4, New Works, Auckland.

Building Inspector:

Martin, H. A. S., to Inspector of Building Construction, Grade 4, Frankton Junction.

Gangers to Inspectors, Permanent Way, Grade 6.

Stringer, C. H., to Middlemarch.

McMath, H. S., to Whangarei.


Murray, M., Grade 1, to sub-class 10, Dunedin.

Leading Carpenters to Bridge Inspectors, Grade 6:

Lower, L. N., to East Town.

Williams, E. R., to Kaiwarra.

Carpenters to Leading Carpenters:

McKinnon, J. K., to Taumarunui.

Peterson, H. F., to East Town.

Leslie, G. F. E., to Whangarei.

Skilled Labourers:

Grimwood, J. A., to Bridgeman, Addington. Labourers:

Callaghan, J., to Striker, Kaiwarra.

Wright, A. J., to Skilled Labourer, Kaiwarra.

Milne, P. B. S., to Bridgeman, Kaiwarra.

Davey, W. R. J., to Labour Ganger, Kaiwarra.

Jakeman, W. F., to Bridgeman, Kaiwarra.

Surfacemen to Gangers, Grade 2.

Edwards, W., to Granity.

Osmond, W. H., to Tirau.

Lunn, O. J., to Westport.

Luscombe, C. E., to Upper Port Chalmers.

Timmins, M., to Te Aroha.

Rawlings, W. W., to Te Kuiti.