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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 6 (October 24, 1926)

By Those Who Like Us

page 42

By Those Who Like Us

Mr. A. C. Mitchell (Superintendent Engineer, Messrs. J. J. Niven & Co., Ltd., Wellington) who, in consequence of the recent floods had occasion to rail his car from Shannon to Woodville, writes to the Right Hon. the Minister of Railways as follows:—

I wish to express to you, Sir, as Minister of Railways, my great appreciation of the assistance, courtesy and consideration extended by the Railway officials at Shannon, Palmerston North and Woodville, who did everything possible to expedite the conveyance of my car over those sections not negotiable by road, and in the loading, shunting, and unloading of the wagon.

* * *

A letter signed by Messrs. J. W. Christie and James Wood, President and Secretary respectively of the Clutha Branch of the New Zealand Farmers’ Union was sent recently to the Stationmaster at Balclutha. They write:—

At a meeting of the Clutha Branch of the New Zealand Farmers’ Union it was resolved to forward to you a letter heartily thanking your staff and yourself for the many splendid efforts put forward in order to oblige farmers by having stock and merchandise forwarded as expeditiously as possible. We appreciate the heartiness with which the Balclutha railwaymen carry out their duties and trust it will be recognised in the right quarters and lead to the advancement of each one of you in your profession.

* * *

In a letter to the Divisional Superintendent (South Island) Mr. Chas. C. Cook, Oamaru, expresses appreciation of the services rendered by the staff at Timaru and St. Andrews through whose co-operation his luggage (from which he became separated at Timaru), was recovered from the Christchurch-Dunedin express. He writes:—

I wish to thank the Timaru office, the Stationmaster at St. Andrews and the guard of the express for the promptness with which they recovered my luggage. Being, as it was, in different parts of the carriage their action was the more commendable. I am very grateful for their kindness.

From Messrs. Booth, Macdonald & Co., Ltd., Palmerston North, to the General Superintendent of Transportation, Wellington:—

May we take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of the service we are now receiving from your Department? It is most helpful to receive such prompt deliveries as are now usual.

* * *

The manager of Market Gardeners Ltd., Wellington, in a recent letter to the Railway Lands officer writes as follows:—

I am asked to express to your Board our thanks for the very businesslike and genercus treatment your Board has extended to us in the past, and to state also that it has always been a pleasure to meet and negotiate with your officers for whom we have the greatest admiration.

* * *

From Messrs. Gibbs & Trevor Ltd., Sawmillers, Murimotu, Taihape, to the Traffic Manager, Ohakune, regarding the expeditious dispatch of a consignment of logging rope forwarded from Auckland:—”We wish to express to you our thanks for the trouble you went to and the expeditious way in which our logging rope was delivered to us…… This rope was railed from Auckland on Friday ex s.s. “Norfolk,” arrived at our siding on Saturday evening and was on our logging winch on Monday. The prompt way in which this rope came forward saved many men from having to stand off and wait, as no work could be done until it arrived.”

* * *

From the Local Manager of the Farmers’ Co-operative Auctioneering Company, Te Kuiti, to the Stationmaster, Te Kuiti:—

I would wish to place on record our appreciation of the service rendered to the Company in supplying the truck for the horse ……and permitting us to unload same at Mangapeehi……. Your assistance in this matter enabled us to secure 58 head of cattle for which you will note we have ordered six trucks.

page 43
”Dawn.“—Photograph by H. H. Gardiner, Railways, Dunedin. Obtained maximum marks at [N.Z. Inter-Club Exhibition, 1926.

Dawn.“—Photograph by H. H. Gardiner, Railways, Dunedin. Obtained maximum marks at [N.Z. Inter-Club Exhibition, 1926.