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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 3 (July 24, 1926)

Promotions Recorded during May — Traffic And Stores Branches

Promotions Recorded during May
Traffic And Stores Branches.

Relieving Officer:

A. Henderson to Grade 4, Auckland.


A. P. Seccombe to Grade 6, Hikurangi.


F. Cording to Grade 5, Taumarunui.

G. E. Applegarth to Grade 6, Bluff.

Goods Foreman:

D. Lynch to Grade 6, Bluff.


R. Kneeshaw to Grade 2, Taumarunui.

J. H. Knowles, to Grade 2, Thorndon.

A. E. Spain to Grade 2, Auckland.

A. T. Breayley to Grade 2, Otira.

L. M. Allender to Grade 2, Maungaturoto.

E. C. Hooper to Grade 2, Invercargill.


M. T. Timings, Porter to Clerk, Grade 7, Ashburton.

Porters to Shunters:

J. L. Lincoln.

A. B. Murray.

J. Brown.

P. O'Connell.

E. A. H. Lepper.

W. G. Grigg.

S. J. Hawk.

C. A. Ryder.

A. L. Cowie.

J. Wright.

I. Thompson.

Locomotive Branch.

Fitters to Mechanicians:

A. R. Foley to Grade 7, Chief Accountant's Office.

Fitters to Draftsmen:

F. Dudley, Newmarket.

W. G. M. Colquhoun, Petone.

Labourers to Washoutmen:

W. E. Mack to Grade 2, Taumarunui.

Lifters to Train Examiners:

F. T. Polkinghorne to Grade 1, Taihape.

Maintenance Branch:

Leading Carpenter to Bridge Inspector, Grade 6, Invercargill:

G. Hardcastle.

Electric Lineman to Electric Lines Inspector:

J. R. Munro.

Electric Lineman, Grade to Special Grade:

R. Dorroch.

Signal Erector to Electric Lineman:

F. Sedgely.

Carpenters to Leading Carpenters, Grade II.:

M. A. Blackburn.

J. R. Stewart.

Surfacemen to Gangers:

J. Friel.

J. Johnston.

W. J. Francis.

W. H. Doidge.

Labourer to Bridgeman:

E. W. Elliott.

It is not generally known, says the Otago Daily Times (3/5/26) that the old Manawatu Railway Company established a New Zealand record for locomotives. In a test, with an engine and two cars, a speed of 64 miles per hour was attained.

The Administration invites ideas likely to effect economies or improvements in any phase of Railway operations.

To the keen, observant employee, methods for improving the service sometimes suggest themselves in the course of the day's work.

Your suggestion or invention may be valuable both to yourself and to the Department. Do not hesitate to send it along to the Secretary, Suggestions and Inventions Committee, Head Office, Railway Department, Wellington.

Note-Although the suggestions and inventions listed have not all been adopted, the enterprise of the members concerned is greatly appreciated.