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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 3 (July 24, 1926)

Fuel Saving. — Effect of Economy in the use of Coal

Fuel Saving.
Effect of Economy in the use of Coal.

The cumulative benefit of small economies is perhaps nowhere more strikingly evident than in fuel saving. The following particulars should prove interesting to those in whose hands finally rests the power to conserve fuel by the exercise of wise economy:-

Coal costs £2/3/- per ton.

The New Zealand Railways use 326,824 tons per annum.

Our coal bill is thus £702,671.

If every locomotive burnt 1 lb. of coal less for every mile it ran, the Department would use 5,852 tons less per year, or save £12,582.

Will every engineman help his Department to get this economy?

I extend pity to no man because he has to work. If he is worth his salt he will work. I envy the man who has a work worth doing and does it well. There never has been devised, and there never will be devised any law which will enable a man to succeed save by the exercise of those qualities which have always been the prerequisites of success, the qualities of hard work, of keen intelligence, of unflinching will.-Theodore Roosevelt.

* * *

In all lives there is a crisis in the formation of character. It comes from many causes, and from some which on the surface are apparently trivial. But the result is the same; a sudden revelation to ourselves of our secret purposes, and a recognition of our perhaps long shadowed, but masterful conviction.-Benjamin Disraeli.

* * *

Self-respect is the corner stone of all virtue. -Herschel.