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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 3 (July 24, 1926)

A Book For Railwaymen

A Book For Railwaymen.

A revised edition of “Freight Trains and Terminals,” by John A. Droege, General Manager of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railway, has just been issued by McCraw-Hill Co., price 6/-. Many of the operating practices described in the first edition are further dealt with and brought up to date in this new issue, while there has been added a number of new chapters which deal specifically with present day railway problems. Mr. Dreage in this issue of his work has sought to cover the entire field of transportation as pertaining to the movements of freight. Proceeding logically from one point to another, the book deals not only with actual movements of trains, the manifold yard operations, and the duties of supervisors, but goes into the subject of electrification, harbour operations, and personal matters as well To remedy the criticism levelled at several American railways for placing men in positions without any prior experience, the perusal of more books dealing with railway operations has been advocated. While the field of such literature is extensive, that of books written by men who speak from actual personal experience rather than from theory, is limited. Mr. Droege's work is based on a varied experience in both steam and electric traction. Profusely illustrated and containing valuable statistical charts and tables, the function of this work is not only of current application to problems arising daily, but as a book of reference always to be kept at hand.