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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2 (June, 1926)

Removal Of Congestion In Marshalling Yards By Timetable Adjustment

Removal Of Congestion In Marshalling Yards By Timetable Adjustment.

Applications are often received from all parts of the system for increased siding accommodation. Now, while it is recognised that timetable alteration is not a panacea for all congestion in sidings, it is most important to note that the business of transportation, as the word implies, requires the wagons to be moved forward. Too much accommodation is liable to cause wagons to “stand” for unnecessarily lengthy periods instead of being worked forward. When considering siding room at stations it is therefore, most important that full consideration should be first given to the matter of train facility to clear the present sidings before making application for additional siding accommodation. In this connection the running of through trains is also worthy of consideration where sub-terminal stations are concerned.