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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2 (June, 1926)

Scientific Operation

Scientific Operation.

Railway operating during recent years has become more and more a scientific business, requiring specialised knowledge. For many years definite rules have been laid down for the guidance of the staff in carrying on the work; but it is only during recent years that the more scientific operation has developed.

Statistics are obtained to guide those in charge of operations in controlling the activities of the business. Wagon user statistics show the extent to which the wagon rolling stock is made use of, and thus enable a proper judgment to be exercised as to the necessity for a greater outlay of capital in the provision of additional rolling stock. They also enable an equitable allocation of the stock to be made. Marshalling yard statistics show the cost of working such yards, and any weakness in organisation or equipment is thereby disclosed. Similarly the returns from Goods Shed working indicate whether the work in sheds is running smoothly and economically.

Late train returns show which trains are unable to maintain schedule time and disclose whether there is weakness in the schedules, in the allocation of the work or loading, or in the handling of the trains.

Train loading returns indicate whether more trains are being run than the traffic offering warrants.