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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2 (June, 1926)

Workers’ Tickets

Workers’ Tickets.

Some correspondence recently appearing in Metropolitan newspapers indicate a desire for an extension of Workers' Ticket facilities. These tickets are now available in the morning by trains timed to arrive at destination by 8 a.m. One writer asks an extension to 8:30 a.m. and another to 9 a.m. The rate is exceptionally low, and any further extension of the applicability for these tickets cannot be economically justified. The concession was intended for those who start work at 8 a.m. or earlier, and it thus covers all who are employed in any trade. The advantage of having this traffic concentrated within certain time limits is one reason for the concession. Another reason is that it enables trains of all one class to be run. Those who start work later than 8 a.m., but who wish to take the advantage of the concession, must be prepared for the disadvantages.