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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2 (June, 1926)

Suggestions and Inventions

page 45

Suggestions and Inventions

Monetary Awards Granted.

T. B. Ball, Turner, Petone, £5.—Suggested method for grinding link motion.

H. Neill, Turner, Newmarket, £2.—Multi tool holder.

M. J. O'Connor, Leading Coppersmith, Petone, £5.—Suggested method for annealing copper pipes of locomotives whilst undergoing overhaul.

E. W. Smith, Leading Lifter, Petone, £20.—Sleeve on drawgear of “La” wagons.


S. A. I. Taylor.—Carpenter, Newmarket.—Suggested improvement to “P” wagons.

M. Coutts, Stationmaster, Waimangaroa Junction.—Suggested set of books for dealing with inward shipping traffic.

L. A. Sharpe, Leading Fitter, Napier.—Suggested improved nipple for water gauge columns.

A. McQueen, Casual Fitter, Dunedin.—Suggested template for boring stiffeners on girders of bridges.