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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2 (June, 1926)


A Conference of Business Agents lasting for two days commenced on the 29th April. The Business Agents present were: Messrs. Greig (Otago), Marshall (Wairarapa and Hawke's Bay), McNeil (Dunedin), Wellsted (Wanganui), Stanley (Wellington), Welsh (Auckland), Pawson (Christchurch).

The feature of the Conference was the brisk keenness displayed by all the Agents, and the thorough knowledge of business conditions in their districts which discussion on the various points brought out. Remarks were always short and to the point, and unanimity was reached in regard to every recommendation.

Mr. A. W. Mouat, Commercial Member of the Board, in opening, drew attention to the advantage that had accrued through the establishment of the Commercial Branch. He stated there was now evidence that the whole staff was intent on securing for the Railway every passenger, and every ton of traffic that could be carried. Guidance, however, was expected as to the direction in which effort should be applied, and useful guidance should be obtainable from the combined experience and matured opinions of those whose special business it was to go out and mingle with the community in order to secure fuller traffic and increased public good-will towards the Department.

The Right Hon. The Prime Minister, who attended the opening session in his capacity as Minister of Railways, then addressed the Conference. (See page 6.)

Mr. D. Rodie (Commercial Manager) expressed the appreciation of the Commercial Branch in having the Prime Minister present. Team work was already in operation throughout their Branch, and this spirit was being spread. None of the members of his staff were concerned as to who got the credit so long as progress was made.

In the discussion which followed all were ready to speak immediately opportunity offered and had their views well thought out.