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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 2 (June, 1926)

Station Garden Competitions

Station Garden Competitions

The following additional particulars in connection with the judging in the station garden's competition came to hand after we went to press with out first issue, and we have pleasure in publishing the results in our present issue for the information of the staff.

The cup donated for the competition by the Otago Women's Club was presented by Lady Ferguson, President of the Club, to Mr. Bennett, the Stationmaster of the winning station, at an interesting gathering on Tuesday, 2nd March at Burnside. In addition to this cup (which is held for one year only), the club is very generously giving a miniature cup to the most successful gardener of the winning station, and a donation for each garden which was entered in the competition. We tender our thanks to Lady Ferguson and the members of the Otago Women's Club for the splendid example they have set in this important matter, and again to members of the staff concerned for the interest and enthusiasm with which they worked to make the surroundings of their stations a delight to the travelling public and themselves.

The “Belfast News-letter” (17/2/26), refering to the fact that the Great Northern Railway, in order to pay a dividend of 3 per cent. on ordinary stock had to appropriate £80,000 from the Government compensation account, remarks that any railway in the United Kingdom which can show an actual net profit for last year, and at the same time can be proved to be providing amply for depreciation and maintenance expenditure is undoubtedly a concern of inherent trading strength.