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The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 1 (May 1st, 1926)



Baker, W. A., clerk, Auckland.—Suggestion that excess labels be not gummed.

Bowen, P. T. H., casual boilermaker, Addington.—Interest displayed in bringing under notice safety chain sling for lifting and turning locomotive boilers.

Bright, B., term casual fitter, East Town.—Suggested improved device for coupling and uncoupling waggons.

Bassett, W. H., ganger, Westshore.—Metal hand grip for spades.

Beaney, A. W. R., porter, Auckland.—Suggestion that conditions of issue be printed on the back of platform tickets.

Borne, S. B., clerk, Christchurch.—Method of advertising on railway premises.

Coles, A., storeman, Thorndon.—Truck card for perishable goods requiring transhipment.

Conder, H. J., porter, Levin. — Affixing labels to damaged wagons.

The Administration invites ideas likely to effect economies or improvements in any phase of Railway operations.

To the keen, observant employee, methods for improving the service sometimes suggest themselves in the course of the day's work.

Your suggestion or invention may be valuable both, to yourself and to the Department. Do not hesitate to send it along to the Secretary, Suggestions and Inventions Committee, Head Office, Railway Department, Wellington.

Note—Although the suggestions and inventions listed have not all been adopted, the enterprise of the members concerned is greatly appreciated.

Caldwell, A. S., turner, Hillside. — Internalgrinding device.

Dorringtoni, F. J., boilermaker, East Town.—Handling steel plates, wheels, et cetera.

Elwood, J. R., turner, Newmarket. — Cylinder-lining boring-bar.

Fahey, S., clerk, Featherston.—Overlanded goods and alteration to present goods waybill form.

Franklin, H. W., clerk, Welling.—Repairs to gum boots.

Graham, C. J., workshops foreman, Hillside.—Trepanning tool for drilling big flue holes in tube plates.

Johnson, D., casual bridgeman, Greymouth.—Device for removing bolts from piles and other timber.

Keenan, R. R., clerk, Waipawa.—Form for notifying overcharges on paid items on goods and parcels waybills.

McGill, D., fitter, Palmerston North.—Improved strainers for brake pump.

Meachen, J. B., clerk, Wellington.—Suggestion re publicity matter.

Mauchlin, W. A., carpenter, Addington.—Adjustable head for tenoning machine.

Newlands, J., leading coppersmith, Addington.—Spring hammer for dome-covers, fire-box corners, etc.

Hawken, E. R., leading blacksmith, Kaiwarra.—Special tool for extracting lead-headed nails.

Redshaw, H. J. P., holderup, Napier.—Device for coupling and uncoupling wagons.

Rigby, E., tool fitter, Petone.—Method of cutting india-rubber washers.

Robertson, R. E., brake inspector, Wellington.—Receptacle for wagon cards.

Smith, E., leading lifter, Petone.—Improved axle box pad.

Setter, W. R., clerk, East Town.—Computing workshops labour cost of work done for other departments, etc.

Tricker, L. C. P., fitter, Wellington.—Electric telephone-switch.

Wardle, L. A., casual fitter, East Town.—Coupling rod brasses recessing tool.

Zanders, F. H., fitter, Addington.—Reducing-nipples to wall-leads of air-hoses.