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New Zealand Revisited

By Robert Hugh Benson

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By Robert Hugh Benson

Lord of the World
In crown 8vo, 6s.

"That the book is sensational, fantastic, and extravagantly audacious, is evident at once; but Father Benson's triumph consists in this, that he has dealt with a subject riddled with pitfalls without being absurd. Sensational the book is, but it is clever and significant sensationalism, which makes this book more interesting than anything that Father Benson has yet given us."—Daily News.

The Queen's Tragedy
In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 6s.

"Father Benson has undertaken to present Mary Tudor to us in a manner that shall awaken, not the feelings of horror and detestation usually considered appropriate, but those of pity, understanding, and respect. Exquisitely pathetic is the figure he draws, with so much sympathy and insight."—Globe.

The King's Achievement
In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 6s.

"Seldom has a more powerful picture been presented of the ruin wrought to monastic life by the rapacity of Henry than that which Mr. Benson has furnished…. He has contrived to furnish forth a novel in which the interest is well maintained, and the characters, good or bad, are intensely human."—Scotsman.

By What Authority?
In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 6s.

"A remarkable novel, full of genuine learning, its characterisation strong and clearly denned, and its sincere and devout spirit must impress even those who cannot agree with its tendencies."—Saturday Review.

The Sentimentalists
In crown 8vo, cloth gilt, 6s.

"The strongest of all Father Benson's books…. There is no denying the strength and sincerity of the book, nor the force of its downright insistence upon the necessity of expelling the excesses of sentimentalism from the character…. A strongly worded but clean-minded exposure of one side of contemporary national life."—Daily Telegraph.