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Recreations for Solitary Hours

The Hapless Lover's Soliloquy

page 92

The Hapless Lover's Soliloquy.

Tune,—"Burns' Soldier's Return."

Now woe's my heart! since such must be,
O'ercome with love and beauty;
But would she deign to such as me
'Twould scorn all filial duty.
Had I been blind, and could not see,
Thus painful I'd been never;
But I'm undone—now woe is me!
My heart is gone for ever.

Were I a lord of titles great,
'Mid wealth's unbounded treasure;
And she a maid of low estate,
She'd be my only pleasure.
But ah! this contrast is not mine,
Which pains my throbbing bosom;
Must I in hapless love repine,
And waste life's tender blossom?

page 93

Oh! could I clasp her to my breast,
My joy would know no measure,
In her alone would I be blest
My greatest earthly treasure.
But ah! the time is drawing nigh,
When she'll be call'd another's;
Ah, hapless me! I can't but sigh,
With care unknown to others.

But judgment rise, and draw thy sword,
And quell my hopeless passion,
And reason strong, do thou accord,
To cool me with thy caution.
But happy, happy may she be,
Though I forlorn should wander;
And though she ne'er should deign to me,
Still on her charms I'll ponder.