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Recreations for Solitary Hours

The Lover's Request

page 84

The Lover's Request.

Tune,—"Flora and Charlie."

Ah! who can feel that tender passion,
Glowing in a lover's breast,
Inspired with joys at love's persuasion
Felt but cannot be express'd?
Though often slighted most severely,
Her's my heart doth still remain,
Fondly enquiring most sincerely,
Shall we never love again.

How Cupids round my slumbers hover,
Pointing me her likeness fair!
But fancy's freaks, I soon discover,
Fly, to change my joys to care.
While glows my breast, to love her dearly,
Fate why should'st thou me refrain;—
Let me but ask this once sincerely,
Shall we never love again.

page 85

Oh! cease to tease me, perturbation,
Retrospection loves to scan
My joys and cares in close rotation,
Since that hour our loves began.
Hopeful fancy—blissful vision—
Fondly I your joys retain;—
Hasten, O Time! that blest decision
When we'll dearly love again.