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Recreations for Solitary Hours

Note VII.—Page 9

page 73

Note VII.—Page 9.

"Down on a rocky rampart of the scene
There stands the mill, and eyes the passing brook."

The mill here mentioned stands upon a rock close to the water edge, round the corner, as it were, from the basin of the waterfall. It only consists of two flats, and is used for spinning a coarse kind of cotton yarn. Its chief window looks into the water, and so may be said to eye the passing brook, &c. It bears the name of the spectacle-eye-mill, from the following circumstance,—Two men, at one time not far back, stood candidates for becoming its tenant. The unsuccessful one, to be revenged on the good fortunes of his more successful neighbour, one sabbath day in the middle of summer, took the advantage of the family being at church, and with a magnifying spectacle-eye, held to the rays of the sun over the dry thatch of the house, set the roof on fire, which nearly consumed the mill before it was discovered by the proprietor; since that time it has borne the name of the spectacle-eye-mill.