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Recreations for Solitary Hours

Note XVI.—Page 49

Note XVI.—Page 49.

"And how would Nature feel, was then suppressed,
The sustenance of her incumbent train," &c.

Thus Lady Well, as personified, mourns the sad distress all nature would be under, and especially man, were all the pleasant streams of water stopped, for the great ingratitude so often displayed to the giver of all good.—There was a certain shepherd who was a very pious man,—one day on eating a piece of dry bread, felt himself thirsty, and looking for a drink of clear water, he thought to himself on finding what he sought, that surely he was indebted to God as much for the water he drank as for the bread he ate—and why, said he, should I not bless the giver of all good for the one benefit as well as for the other, seeing they both come from the same bountiful hand for my good. After this he was never seen taking a drink of cold water without giving thanks to God in the same manner as when he sat down to his meals.