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Recreations for Solitary Hours

Note I.—Page 2

Note I.—Page 2.

"What deaf'ning noise,
Tis as 'twere groaning, sensible of pain,
From its decursion steep."

I know not whether any have observed it or not, when beside a fall of water, or cascade, but I have heard, when listening attentively to the sound of the pouring waters, now and then a sound something like the last groan of a dying man, but of short duration, and heard through the noise produced by the dashing of the falling waters. The word decursion simply means the act of running down, and it can be well applied here, as the cascade is not altogether a sheer perpendicular steep, but is, as it were, one large rock tumbled on the top of another, and lying in a slanting position, so that in an ordinary state of the rivulet, the water runs down, dashing from one rock to another, until it falls hissing into the basin below.