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The Philosophy of Love. [A Plea in Defence of Virtue and Truth!] A Poem in Six Cantos, with Other Poems


page 196“Philosophy of Love”: Page 196.


Arts; MoralityWhat Signatures some folks will make,
As being dubious of good fame!
Such heiroglyphics much partake
The semblance of some conscious shame!
As one who dares not shew his face
With honour ’mid the light of day;
Who owl-like courts the darkest place,
Cognition dreading with dismay!

This letter much important news
Contains, that’s to me sent, by one
Whose written name I can’t peruse,
And ev’n to spell it I’m undone!
’Tis so unreadable; although
The tidings here declared are plain;
What can the reason be, that so
Much secrecy in Names maintain ?

’Tis like regret at having told
The welcome news thus duly given;—
Afraid lest now he should be sold,
When to this correspondence driven!
Away with all such mysteries
In Signatures, as pride’s inflations;
Such equal farthing charities
Set down as hundred-pound donations!