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The New Zealand Survey

On a Meeting of Friends

“New Zealand Survey”: Page 148.

On a Meeting of Friends.

Friendship; Nature; HomeHow pleasant ’tis truly to witness friends meeting,
Who long have been parted and strangers become,
When hands are extended and grasped, either greeting
With smiling sweet welcomes—each bosom’s a home!

Yes, truly, ’tis pleasant; ’tis like the sun beaming
On nature, who joyous exults in her sway,
Displaying her beauties, with summer flowers gleaming
In all their bright colors, a gorgeous display!

Such tends to enliven the thoughts of the gloomy,
And turn his attention from brooding o’er care,
The mind, once contracted, expanding feels roomy,
As glad the sweet pleasures of life to have share.

So I, as infected, feel part of that pleasure,
Which gladdens their hearts and lights up the sweet smile,
Or, mirror-like, ’tis as reflecting a measure
Of such happy feelings, as cares they would foil.

Friendship; Joy; Music and Song; LoveSuch meeting of friends with a glow of affection
So warmly responded, I’ve felt on my heart
Like sweet music echoed, or sunbeam reflection,
Which gladness would into one’s nature impart!