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The New Zealand Survey

A Fine Morning

“New Zealand Survey”: Page 136.

A Fine Morning.

WeatherThis storm of three days has blown past, do I find
On waking this morn, as a calmness prevails;
Now brightness looks in at the window instead
Of the low’ring grey mists that were driven by gales.
New Zealand Flora and FaunaThe birds that were silent, as if they repined
This wet chilly season of Equinox change,
Are now all intent their mute woes to estrange
And chant forth their joys; so hear, vocal indeed,
They make the bush ring! thus expressing their praise,
With song answ’ring song in their sweetest of lays,
As grateful for favors—and why may not I
Be as grateful as they? and forbid sorrows sigh
When counting lost time from my daily employ.

WeatherNow calm is the bay, like a mirror outspread,
Reflecting the welkin deep blue on its breast!
How alter’d since yesterday!—silent as dead
Are the roaring of waves, with their surgings at rest.
While low creeping mists are ascending on high
Like curling white smoke to disperse in the sky.

WorkHow welcome the change as we now can resume
Our labours with pleasure, our earnings to gain,
page 137“New Zealand Survey”: Page 137. May fellings of industry ever illume
Our souls to chase far the dark the broodings of care;
Nature; JoyWhile from the dark cloud the bright sun will assume
The smiles of sweet promise the day to sustain;
As lighting up glooms that would brood o’er the mind,
That we in sweet union with Nature may share
In happiest feelings, if pleasure inclined.

Assurred that the goodness of Providence still
Will to our contentment His blessings bestow,
May we ever readily yield to His will;
As He has his purposes all to fulfil,
So the rains must descend, and the tempest must blow
As they are appointed; and never remiss
Are they in the errands on which they are sent
While bearing oft blessings to us, though intent
To murmur, as we their importance don’t wis;
So blind is our pride! But as favours must flow
To all in succession, then why should we fret?—
Weather; Religion; NatureSo selfish, as having a right to complain;
We treat unknown reasons with sinful disdain;
Consid’ring all nature is under His care!
Since fair weather’s ours, let us never forget
T’ employ to good purpose the boon to us given
’Tis thus we our gratitude best can declare
Bespeaking still farther the blessings of Heaven.