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The New Zealand Survey

The Two Guides

“New Zealand Survey”: Page 109.

The Two Guides.

Education; Change; Society; MoralityHow true it is, that rising youth
Progressing needs a wise adviser;
One who is earnest for the truth,
And is no false or vain enticer.

But two attendants ready are,
And each against the other striving,
As each the youth would lead with care
In their own beaten paths, contriving

How to supplant each other: yet
One must in exercise be braver;
As strength subdues the weak, to get
Advantages in his own favor.

Government; Sadness; Honour; SufferingHow blest when Reason gains to rule,
She’s sure to keep her charge with honor,
As her endeavors ne’er befool
That precious truth, of which she’s owner!

But oh! when Passion bears the sway,
What troubles oft come rolling o’er us;
For when constrain’d his powers t’ obey,
We but assent to painful sorrows!

page 110“New Zealand Survey”: Page 110.

Imagination; JoyOn some life’s problem to be solved,
Oft Passion’s side’s by Fancy brighten’d;
While that of Reason is involved
In much obscureness, unenlightened!

Thus, some are lured, and in their choice,
Are drawn by Fancy’s fascinations;
The while they dream of reaping joys,
Which fill their hearts with pride’s inflations,

Until some other days advance,
When Reason’s part becomes enlightened;
The soul awakes as from a trance
Amazed, at being so benighten’d!

Ah! then she grieves o’er what before
She doated on with fondest pleasure;
When Fancy’s light expires, no more
To cheer; of joys, no more her measure!

Past; Joy; ReligionBut ah! to be recall’d the past
Can never, to reverse old choosings!
There’s where the misery lies, to last
Eternally, with painful musings!—

(Unless we can obtain in time,
That aid which cancels all past errors,
And to the soul gives peace sublime,
With heav’n-like joys displacing terrors)—

Imagination; Sadness; Future; Joy; Religion’Tis thus we Reason should prefer—
’Tis wisdom, worthy all painstaking!—
And so her guidance seek with care,
While Fancy’s ’lurements false forsaking!

As Wisdom’s ways are pleasant ways,
So Reason with them harmonizes;
There true enjoyment’s found, as says
That “Truth” which ev’ry truth comprises

page 111“New Zealand Survey”: Page 111.

May all have grace from Passion’s sway
To wrest themselves as from all sorrows;—
But human nature, apt to stray,
Must still defer till far to-morrows!