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The New Zealand Survey

England’s Hope

page break“New Zealand Survey”: Page 107.

England’s Hope.

in answer to a certain question.

What think I of the Prince of Wales?—
For my opinion hear me;
If true the purport of such tales,
I trow he yet may cheer thee!

PhilosophyAs some philosophers can tell,
From jutting rocks what’s under;
Or from a feather show as well
The nature of its owner;

So may not we some knowledge gain,
Of virtues in some bosoms,
Since naughtiest looking seeds contain
Oft nature’s choicest blossoms?

When seen ’neath governess’s rule,
The future man displaying;
Such shew’d him nothing of a fool,
No spirit dull betraying,

Whatever Madam might declare,
He’s conscious of his station;
Though froward deeds told what he’d dare,
If thus he’d rule the nation;

Education; Future; GovernmentSuch spirit growing with his years,
And knowledge right increasing,
While preparations ’mongst his peers,
’Mid studies good increasing,

For that great trust—his future lot,
The ruling such a nation;—
Such spirit well informed, I wot
Must fit the situation!

page 108“New Zealand Survey”: Page 108.

Education; Empire; Religion; HonourWhen on the empire’s stool he’s raised,
Britannia’s sceptre swaying;
The prudence, then, of Sire be praised,
Who trained him to obeying!

Though hard to learn such lessons well,
(And much it needs good schooling)
Yet how the advantages will tell,
When he is set to ruling!

For best he rules, who best has learn’d
Obedience to his Maker;
Whose blessing on each honor earn’d
Rejoices such partaker!

All ages this have testified:—
So he in his relations,
Examples good have well enjoyed,
And best of preparations.

GovernmentThus, with the spirit of his youth,
Observant and improving;
He must be fervent for the truth,
The nation’s weal behoving!

So loyal hearts his worth shall prize,
While counc’llors good are near him;
Combining all in enterprise,
No base intrigue may fear him.

Yea, this we may engage in truth,
He’ll ne’er be the subborner
Of wicked acts ’gainst public faith,
But keep from such a corner!

Empire; Nation; WarWhatever difference might arise,
’Tween this and other nations;
He’ll see our rights without disguise
Maintain’d’gainst usurpations.

page 109“New Zealand Survey”: Page 109.

A growing empire thus sustained,
Might envy raise in neighbors,
Who fain might try to have restrain’d
His powers, by warfare’s labors;

Then shall his spirit rise in strength,
And make such foe a mourner;
Thus solved shall problems be at length,
Of putting in “the corner!”