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The New Zealand Survey

An Ode on Manawatu

page break“New Zealand Survey”: Page 83.

An Ode on Manawatu.

Suggested by a Visit to that District, June 28, 1866.

Hail Manawatu!” may each stranger exclaim,
When come from a country surrounded by hills,
As pressed by some need-be or virtuous aim,
He, seeking a home here, a duty fulfills;
Liberty; Perception; Imagination; JoyThe country’s extent gives an impulse, which makes
His heart beat with freedom; while forth he must view
Thy great spreading plains, he prospective partakes
Much pleasure in store upon Manawatu!

Perception; Joy; FutureSuch pleasures in prospect, for joy unsurpassed,
When future’s in contrast with all he has known;
Old bound’ries, thought ample once, now have at last
Grown straightened, as he had all limits o’ergrown;
More room, is the wish of his heart, to extend
His sphere, as the field of exertions anew;
Surveying the scope enlarged means would commend,
To him quite a prize becomes Manawatu!

Nature; Society; Change; Arts; ProsperityLong, long have those plains been enveloped in glooms—
That gloom of lone solitudes dreary and wild;
Though nature’s prolific in much that presumes
On richness, yet here every pleasure seem’d foiled,
For want of that culture, inhabitants bring
With them so enlightening, whence blessings accrue;
May soon thy time come of good change, when will spring
New beauties around thee, lone Manawatu!

Work; LibertyLet enterprise now have its freedom unchecked,
Give industry scope for its energies new;
So blessings shall multiply, aye to reflect
Colony; FamilyFresh glories on Pioneers, worthy and true,
Who venture again on fresh toils, as at first,
Themselves to establish, and offspring anew;
Beginning life o’er again—eager, as thirst,
T’ acquire a large holding on Manawatu!

page 84“New Zealand Survey”: Page 84.

Now movements auspicious begin to declare,
“That solitudes round thee no longer must reign;”
Of good cultivations thou wilt have a share,
With flocks and herds cheering each desert like plain:
Commerce; ProsperityWhile that winding river much commerce may bear
Afar to bless others, thus wealth must ensue,
No longer in waste capabilities there,
Must lie unimproved around Manawatu!

Empire; Nation; Science; Commerce; Future; SocietyBritannia may boast of the Thames or the Clyde,
What were they once, but like this wild looking stream,
Till science, progressing, had made them her pride
For commerce, and worthy a nation’s esteem;
The time is approaching when enterprise may,
With many improvements thine aspects renew,
When cities around may spring up, and display
Bright glories enchanting to Manawatu!