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New Zealand Minstrelsy

Answer to the above

“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 43.

Answer to the above.

From Isaiah xliv, 21, 22.
Same Tune.

Mournful sinner! thee I pity;
Now shall I be found of thee:
Gladly shall I come to meet thee,
As from sin ye turn to me.
Could I view thy self-destruction,
When I hid my face from thee;
While my Spirit’s fond correction
Oft ye spurn’d, insulting me?

Can I thus shew anger ever,
When thy sins thou wilt forsake?
Love’s my nature, and can never
Spurn thy pray’r, for Jesus’s sake.
Thy return makes joy in heaven,
Angels strike their harps and sing;
Since they’ve seen thy sins forgiven,
Louder heavenly echoes ring.

Oh! be watchful lest thine en’my,
Moved with envy, work thy fall;
When thou’rt tried, as sure thou wilt be,
Then on me, thy helper, call.
Watch in pray’r, and I’ll befriend thee;
See, thy Saviour pleads for thee;
Though thou’rt weak, I shall defend thee,
While ye truly trust on me.