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New Zealand Minstrelsy

The Christian’s March

page 41“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 41.

The Christian’s March.

From Acts xiv, 22, and Ephes. vi, l0, 11, 12, 13.
TuneGarb of Old Gaul.”*

We are bound for the glorious kingdom of God,
Which on us, though once rebels, is freely bestowed,
By Jesus, our great king, who o’er sin did achieve
A vict’ry he bequeathes unto all who believe.
While his banners of love are unfurled around,
Let us haste to his standard, and steadfast be found;
In his footsteps we’ll follow the path which he has trod,
Till we reach to the glorious kingdom of God.

So this earthly campaign we’ll with patience endure,
Still believing the promise, “our prize shall be sure;”
Though on every hand we’re assailed by our foes,
Who our progress to glory would fainly oppose;
Yet we’ll gallantly gird on our armour so bright,
In the strength of his name standing firm to the fight,
With the sword of the Spirit resisting to blood;
So we’ll force our way through to the kingdom of God.

When this warfare is o’er, to our heavenly rest
We’ll be welcomed with pleasure, and crown’d with the blest;
There, as kings and as priests, bearing victory’s palm,
We will sing halleluias to God and the Lamb;
Then let onward be our motto, and to th’ end endure,
For he’s faithful who promised,—in him we’re secure;
While following his footsteps, and path which he has trod,
We shall safely arrive in the kingdom of God.

* As in music there are many tunes, though unconnected with words, expressive of much feeling, corresponding with the several sympathies existing in the soul of man, so have I taken the liberty of shewing how they can be improved by applying some to subjects of a sacred nature.