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New Zealand Minstrelsy

The Black Seal

page 21“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 21.

The Black Seal.

Tune“Bruce’s Address.”

Perception; Love; Joy“Welcome post!” the lover sings,
“A billet from my love he brings
My soul shall feast on pleasant things,
Can I my joys conceal?”

How soon these joys have changed to fears!
And soon his eyes are dimm’d with tears;
For, see! upon its fold it bears
A doleful black seal!

“O’er me sad bodings rush amain;”—
He cries,—“but see th’ address again,
“The writing’s strange,”—it gives me pain,
Alas! what woes I feel.”

Thus trembling, as with tearful eyes
He scans it o’er, then deeply sighs,
“I fear ’tis true! she’s gone!”—and tries
To break the black seal.

“I see! he cries, “’tis but a freak;
She lives! my truth her loves bespeak;
I’ll dance for joy, no cares me seek,—
How happy now I feel!”

Joy; Ocean; ReligionShe says, “for me she’ll cross the sea.”
Oh blest!—my heart bounds full of glee;
May Heaven bring her safe to me!
I’ll kiss the black seal.