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New Zealand Minstrelsy

The Lover’s Invitation

page 19“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 19.

The Lover’s Invitation.

TuneKelvin Grove.”

Will ye come to Waiwetu, bonny lassie, O,
My dwelling there to view, bonny lassie, O?
It stands beside the rill, as it wimples by the hill,
May it meet with thy good will, my bonny lassie, O,

My garden richly blooms, bonny lassie, O,
Still shedding sweet perfumes, bonny lassie, O,
Though cheering all may be, and might greatly pleasure thee,
Ye’re the sweetest flower to me, my bonny lassie, O.

My fields all promise fair, bonny lassie, O,
I none with them compare, bonny lassie, O;
But still thy presence here would those blessings more endear,
And my lone spirits cheer, my bonny lassie, O.

ProsperityFor what is wealth to me, bonny lassie, O,
If distant still you be, bonny lassie, O?
HomeSo make my place thy home, nor let me cheerless roam,
But to my bosom come, my bonny lassie, O.