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New Zealand Minstrelsy

The South-East Storm

“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 17.

The South-East Storm.

Tune“Rest, Warrior! rest.”

Ocean; WeatherThe clouds gather thick on the far southern sky,—
Opposing winds meet, and are whirling on high;
What blackness of darkness now broods o’er the whole,
While lightnings gleam forth, and the thunders do roll.
How changed is the bay! its blue welt’rings are lost,
Green ocean waves rush in, and foaming ’tis toss’d;
From fleet low’ring clouds how the torrents down pour,—
Now Neptune presides, and a tempest does roar.
Roar! tempest, roar!—Roar! tempest, roar!

Loss; OceanThe boat, lately left, is now far from the shore;—
Haste! haste! strike the sail, and pull hard at the oar;—
But the waves running high, caught in gale, and o’ercome,
The boat and the crew are engulfed in the foam.
New Zealand Flora and FaunaSea gulls, winging round, as they dip for their prey,
Are scar’d, screaming wildly they flit through the spray:—
Yon barque has slipped cable, and ’s founder’d on shore;
The master may storm, but the tempest shall roar.
Roar! tempest, roar! &c.

The gray mantling vapours the hill sides enshroud,
While through the dark forest the wind ’s piping loud;
The lofty pines crack as they yield to the squalls,—
New Zealand Flora and FaunaA ratao’erthrown; oh, how thund’ring it falls!
page 18“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 18. Home; WorkCold! cold! is each blast,—and the cottager mourns
All labour now stay’d till fair weather returns;—
But make the hearth blaze, and let shut be the door;
Keep comfort within though the tempest should roar.
Roar! tempest, roar!—Roar! tempest, roar!