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New Zealand Minstrelsy

The Fair Emigrant’s Fate

page 16“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 16.

The Fair Emigrant’s Fate.

Tune“Burns’ Highland Mary.”

OceanWithin the bar the barque, now moor’d,
Rides free from all commotion:
Its sea-worn inmates feel at ease,
Safe from the tossing ocean.
The sky is cloudless, azure bright,
The deep confirms the story;
The yet unfurled sails, so white,
Reflect the sun’s noon glory.

LoveUpon the poop, a lady fair,
Her ’kerchief white is waving;
Sweet token of a true love’s care!
Stern fate she now is braving.
PerceptionShe scan’s the first approaching boat,—
Then hopes the next succeeding,
Brings him she loves; yet she knows not
He died the day preceding.

To bear his love,—’twas his last wish,—
What words could comfort borrow!
Oh! who could break her hopeful heart
With such a tale of sorrow.
She sought his place; she heard the tale;
She saw him shrouded lying;
On him she sank;—her heart is broke:
Her spirit fled while sighing.

Suffering; Loss; JoyWho would not, o’er her hapless fate,
Breathe one deep sigh of sorrow?
Last night she dream’d of wedded love,—
How changed th’ eventful morrow!
page 17“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 17. She wove a wreath of hope and joy;—
How soon these flowers have shedded!
Let myrtles round her tomb be strewn,
Since, only there, she’s wedded.