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New Zealand Minstrelsy

Colonial Courtship of 1841

“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 14.

Colonial Courtship of 1841.

TuneRoy’s Wife.

Courtship ’s truly all a bubble,
Society; LoveCourtship ’s truly all a bubble;
It breaks in air, and is nae mair,
Though aft it gi’es us meikle trouble.

When I was in my bloomin’ teens,
I lovers had, baith blythe and bonny;
Then ilk ane vow’d, by a’ that ’s guid;
He lo’ed me dearly mair than ony.

Chorus—Courtship ’s truly, &c.

page 15“New Zealand Minstrelsy”: Page 15.

As ilka ane I couldna wed,—
The lad I lo’ed maist didna offer;
At length they left me ane by ane,
As I was careless o’ ilk proffer.

Courtship ’s truly, &c.

SocietyMy kin me scorn’d, and sairly blamed,
And did me wi’ their banters laden;
I vow’d I’d rather lea’ my hame,
Than ’mang sic folk to dee a maiden.

Courtship ’s truly, &c.

On message sent, I chanced, yestreen,
Upon the beach to meet wi’ Jamie;
At first he spak o’ win’ and rain,
Then straight an offer he did gi’e me.

Courtship ’s truly, &c.

I thought upon my want o’ hame,
And how I’ve been my time a killin’;
SocietyAn offer noo!—Could I refuse?—
Quoth I,—I’m ready sin’ ye’re willin’.

Courtship ’s truly, &c.

SocietySo, quickly to Mess John we hied,
Without prepare or farther swither;
An’ soon the marriage knot was tied,—
Noo, I’ve got wed wi’nae great bother.

Courtship ’s truly, &c.