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Diary of William Golder, 1873


“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

12 Tu
Oxford Act

day fine—to night got from town flour 50[gap — reason: unclear]
tea ½ lb bottle treacle soap 1lb sugar
to the amount 11/11—Galvanized sheet iron
and wire 3/6—Mr and Mrs Gosling brought back
a book and had a talk about a strange visitor
Mr & Mrs Scholes were in working[gap — reason: unclear] on Nairn
sent a book to be bound at Barrets

23 Wed
Letts’s Diaries for 1873 ready for Export

day fine—market got a broom for school
2/3—a piece of plaid for my press 8d—and put
it in tonight. no letters from town—
Charles soldered the sheet iron for the top

34 Th

day fine—today sent 2 school
returns by Nairn to the Educa. Office
with copy of posted school programe[gap — reason: unclear]
and replies from childrens’ parents (4)
concerning progress—cold nights

45 Fri ●
Dividends due at the Bank

day fine but cold.—told the school
children to bring 4 d
each to get firewood for school fire
at night very cold—did a little to type setting
and practised on fractions

56 Sat
Old Midsummer Day. Oxford Term ends

day fine—late rising—after dinner
and sweeping
out the house, and preparing for going to the
Hutt, Southee came in, when he commenced
a long argument against paying for firewood.
for the school—afterward I
went to the Hutt—saw Buick
he is willing—called at post office—got returns[gap — reason: unclear]
bought sox 2/ needles 1d—tobbaco [sic] 2/6.

67 Sun—6 aft Trinity
Thomas à Becket

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

stayed with Mclvride on Sat. night
—led the church singing—saw Mary &c

78 Mon

A wet day—no school—posted notices
for a meeting for Wednesday night to please
Southee.—set up some type from what is
left from last sheet. Still wet.

89 Tu [gap — reason: illegible]
Fire Insurance ceases

Day dull—a few at school to day
told the children of the
meeting for tomorrow evening—after
night fall wet but not windy—finished
what I could set up—and dised a page

910 Wed X

wet day no school to day
at night the meeting called was attended
by Gosling Scrimshaw and self—the school
fire matter was talked over, and postponed
to Monday night next.

101 Th

day gloomy school met nearly all
present but no fire

112 Fri

day fine—school met as yesterday

123 Sat ☽

day fine paid Gosling £3-7/7
for posts and rails split.—I began painting
after 4 went to the Hutt—weak through cold
and effect of using salt meat—was kindly
cared for by Mr McIlvride

134 Sun—7 aft Trinity

at church Mr Gills sang—Revd Mr Richardson
preached for Mr Moir—came home after sermon
Mr Luxford—only half an audience
page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: . Got fresh meat on Saturday 3/ sodium[gap — reason: unclear] 1/ acid 1/.
did some rail painting today—Charles ditto

15 Mon
St. Swithin

meeting tonight Gosling Southee
and self—we after some discussion concer
ning Southees objections we agreed that fire
wood should be got. Mr Richardson called to night
to ask how about church services—to continue through

16 Tu

Wet day—finished distributing all
2 sheet type. gave the horse some carrots
Charles having cold.

17 Wed

day gloomy with showers [sic]—sent some
turnips to Mr McIlvride—Got tea salt
pepper[gap — reason: unclear] sugar—writing paper 5/- did a few
rails afternoon—Got papers and letter from

18 Th

day damp and misty staid indoors
setting type—fairer towards evening—Nairn
got the loan of the saddle of cart harness

19 Fri

During the week I have missed
a day

20 Sat ❍

day bleak and cold S.E.
distrib—some old concerns not having
anything ready to go on with after some work
done in picking up grass seed in hay shed—in
afternoon wrote more copy
of the Education Question

21 Sun—8 aft Trinity

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

22 Mon

fine but cold—went to work painting
rails—, at night did a little to type setting
Charles to the Hutt tonight got 1/6 got 2 papers

23 Tu

day fine finished rails painting
gave Gosling one Pound to get some Maze
night cold and stormy—

24 Wed

day fine but cold—boring posts afternoon S E
got 2 bushel maize @ 6/- night cold

25 Th
St. James

day fine but cold—boring posts
sent by Mrs Scholes to get my book
from the Binder—got a copy of Insurance regulations[gap — reason: unclear]
from the Commissioner sent—Mrs Scholes called to say
my book was not done

26 Fri

day fine but cold—boring posts—Mr
Southee came along and apologised for speaking
so cross the other day—and said that others talked
behind my back that would speak out

27 Sat ☾

wet forenoon—afternoon fine
boring post afternoon—John Nairn called
for the book today—not ready—gave 5/ to
Gosling to call for the Book on Tuesday next

28 Sun—9 aft Trinity

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

289 Mon

Morning fine—afternoon showery night
stormy—opened school—13 present—got fire-
wood ½ cord—at night did some type setting

2930 Tu

morning fine—night cold and
looking SE stormy—I did not go to the
Hutt—got the Book—cost 3/6 By Gosling

301 Wed

day fine but cold paid Gosling
7/ for school firewood—Nairn went
to town he brought groceries &c to the
amount 35/—without polard—letter home
posted to day

31 Aug Th
Lammas Day

day fine Charles went to town
got 2/6—at night Peter Speedy came up
with a clock—asked when I was coming
down his way—had tea and other chat