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Diary of William Golder, 1873


“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

1 Nov Fri ●
All Saints

Felt rather unwell all week
but felt to day a little better though
having at times a fierce cough — at night
wrote an order for town for books — Got from the
hutt 10[gap — reason: unclear]lb flour.& meat 2/- tried churning at night
but with no success

2 Sat
All Souls. Michaelmas Term begins

morning cloudy
went to the Hutt—post an order for Books and told
southee to call for them—made up some bills for
Mr McIlvride — at night got the parcel—came home
afterward—heard today R.Farmer dead—

3 Sun—23 aft Trinity

I kept home today, a Mr Philips preached here
on the hill today—Unto you who believe he is
precious, was the text.

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

4 Mon
Now order Letts’s Diaries

Went to the Hutt, in the afternoon
to send for Books—got
home by 8 oclock

5 Tu X

Went to the Hutt again to night got
the things I sent for— got sugar and matches

6 Wed

day fine attendances rather

7 Th

day fine afternoon Charles
gone down the hill today afternoon.

8 Fri ☽
Cambridge Term divides

to day when asked if Monday was
a holiday—I appointed
that school would be held—on monday

9 Sat
Pr Wales born 1841. Lord Mayor's Day

School masters meeting
I did not go to town today—went to McIlvride
and did his books—afterward got letter through
post office appointing me to Koro Koro school
in addition to Belmont

10 Sun—24 aft Trinity

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

101 Mon
St. Martin. Half Quarter Day

Had school today on Belmont as
appointed, but few

112 Tu

day fine I went to the Koro koro hill
to enter on my new duties, got there in good time
but had no books to read from—11 came to
meet the master.—Sent an order by Dement
for books—and did the best I could in organising
the school at night got a sailors oilskin dress

123 Wed

School at the Belmont—about as many
as is at the other place attended.

134 Th

morning fine, took with me my oilskin
dress in case of changes—had today at the other
school 15 children with a supply of Elementary
books. At night had need of my oilskins

145 Fri ❍

day damp—the most of the scholars
attended seeing—school days are now fewer
I felt very unwell from cold caused by
draughts in the chimney of school— asked W
Gosling to stop up the holes with clay

156 Sat

a wet day —correcting proof of what I had
in type—after went to the Hutt got 2 old [gap — reason: unclear] on Ben
and some groceries 4/11½— and found my
oilskins very beneficial—afterward put some
type in press.—

167 Sun—25 aft Trinity

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

178 Mon

At Koro koro today—got books
from the Educational Depot

189 Tu

day fine school on Belmon [sic: Belmont]
rather thin paid W Goslin [sic: Gosling] for
sorting chimney 1/6— Sugar & Salt
3/3— soled my boots

1920 Wed

Morning damp school at
Koro koro well attended — sent to
the Board to ask the bonus of a horse
&c—An answer promised tomorrow
the fence mended

201 Th

day fine school on Belmont
attendance midling—
went to the Hutt in the evening

212 Fri
St. Cecilia

day fine school at the Koro
Koro — attendance as usual

223 Sat ☾

day fine at the Hutt at Mr
McIlvride— saw G. Farmer there
at dinnertime — wrote to melbourne
through Charles enquiring for a book

234 Sun—26 aft Trinity

page break“William Golder Diary, 1873”: .

245 Mon
Michaelmas Term ends

School on Belmont, attendance
good— setting some type
at extra hours—got some charcoal from

256 Tu

School at Koro Koro attendance

267 Wed

School on Belmont attendance
fair—an absent one returned
day fine—got things from the Hutt
4/3 Mary came down today

278 Th

school on the Koro Koro
felt my cough the better of the Para
goric[gap — reason: unclear]

289 Fri
Letts’s Diaries generally scarce

2930 Sat ●
St. Andrew