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The Genealogy of the Kings of Rarotonga and Mangaia as illustrating the colonisation of that island and the Hervey Group

Succession of Kings defending the Interior (= Te au ariki pa uta)

Succession of Kings defending the Interior (= Te au ariki pa uta).

1. Rangi Sky.
2. Te-akatauira-ariki The-arrived-king.
3. Te.mata-o-Tangaroa The-face-of-Tangaroa.
4. Te-upoku-rau Two-hundred-heads.
5. Rua-ika I. Fish-hole I. Slain by Ngauta, when for the first time "lord of Mangaia."
6. Rau-ue Gourd-leaf. Son of the shore king Vaerua-rau, The drum of peace for the last (seventh) "lordship" of Ngauta (enjoyed by Terea) was beaten by Rau-ue over the body of Inangaro.
7. Poa-iti Small-scale. Reigned in the days of Ngangati.
8. Te-ao I. Day I. Reigned in the days of Mautara.
9. Rua-ika II. Fish-hole II.
10. Te-tipi The cutting (i.e., slaughtering).
11. Te-ao II. Day II. Died a.d. 1829. Professed Christianity.
12. Nu-manga-tini Palm-of-many-branches (purely allegorical). Reigned from a.d. 1821 till his lamented death in 1878.
13. Ioane Terego John Trego, son of Numangatini
14. Davida-iti David-the-younger,grandson of Numangatini.
(Reign jointly now by will of the late king).