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The Genealogy of the Kings of Rarotonga and Mangaia as illustrating the colonisation of that island and the Hervey Group

Kings of the "Puaikura" tribe

Kings of the "Puaikura" tribe.

1. Rongo-oe, or Napa; otherwise named "Te ariki ape tini" = "The-king-with many faults."
2. Tamatoa The-brave-son
3. Tekao The-bud
4. Papa (female) Foundation
5. Temutu The-end
6. Enua tama nui Land-full-of-offspring
7. Ru Trembling.
8. Teau ariki Royal-domination.
9. Tinomana Mighty-frame, or Wonder-working-body. In this king's reign Christianity was introduced to Earotonga (i.e., 1823) by the late Rev. John Williams. Tinomana represented the eighteenth generation from Karika. Some say the nineteenth.
10. Tinomana te ariki tāpu rangi Tinomana-the-king-who-sustains-the-sky. His baptised name was "Setephano" = Stephen.page 633
11. Tinomana Rongo-oe II. His baptised name was "Samuela" = Samuel.
12. Tinomana Mereane (= Mary Ann). Her baptised name was "Mereane" = Mary Ann. Now living. She is the twentieth direct descendant of Karika in the Rongo-oe line, being sister (but by a different mother) to the previous sovereign. She is niece to Makea Takau of Avarua.