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The Genealogy of the Kings of Rarotonga and Mangaia as illustrating the colonisation of that island and the Hervey Group

[Kings of Rarotonga, as given by the 'wise men' of Makea and Tinomana in 1869.]

1. Makea Karika, father of Makea-the-terrible. His wife was Inanui-i-te-rangi = Ina-the-Great-and-Heavenly.
2. Makea Putakitetai Makea-lord-leading-captivcs.
3. Makea i te au Makea-the-peaceful.
4. Makea noo inarie Makea-the quiet.
5. Makea puretu (= purotu) Makea-the-handsome.
6. Makea peau rango Makea-of-fly-like-wings, i.e., swift to execute his purpose.
7. Makea teko nako Makea-the-ubiquitous (literally, "hither, thither.
8. Makea te taiti Makea-the-fisherman.
9. Makea te rĀ tu Makea-(like)-the-upright-mast (ra* = tira.
10. Makea Rongo-oe Makea - Rongo - of - the - paddle. But usually known as Te ariki ape tini = The-king-with-many-faults. Until his reign there was at Rarotonga but one king, whose united and powerful tribe was named "Takitumu," or "All-destroying." A warrior, maternal uncle to Rongo-oe, named Takaia, split the tribe into two hostile camps. Rongo-oe remained king over the smaller or doomed portion, which took the name of "Puaikura" at Arorangi. Makea's portion was named "Te au o Tonga" = "The-Tongan-kingdom," and remained at Avarua, retaining the family marae "Araitetonga" = "The-Tongan-Mediator" (or "Warder-off-of-Tongans").
11. Makea teina Makea-the-younger-brother.
12. Makea tumu pu Makea-of-the-(royal)-conch-shell.
13. Makea tinorei Makea-of-the-handsome-person.
14. Makea tari ua Makea-the-dilatory.
15. Makea potiki Makes-the-youngest (a term of endearment).
16. Makea mangungu Makea-the-thunderer.
17. Makea taik Makea-of-the-spear.page 632
18. Makea tukerae Makea-the-beloved (literally" of-the-eye-brows").
19. Makea te rangi tu ki vao Makea - the - solid - sky - standing - up - Outside.
20. Rangi Makea Heavenly Makea Drowned in Lake Tiriara, on the south of Mangaia.
21. Makea te patua kino Makea-badly-beaten. In his reign another split took place, and thenceforth two Makeas reigned jointly at "Araitetonga," the royal "koutu" = "inarae," or idol-grove, of the Makea family.
22. Makea pini and Makea-the-sorrowful and
22. Makea keu Makea-of-the-flaxen-hair.
23. Makea Tinirau and Makea-lord-of-all-fish and
23. Makea Tekao Makea-the-bud (=hope or glory of the family)
24. Makea Pori and Makea-the-fat and
24. Makea Karika II. Makea-the-terrible, second of that name. These were the reigning chiefs at Avarua in 1823, when the Rev. John Williams conveyed the Gospel to Rarotonga. Since then have reigned—
25. Makea Davida and Makea-David.
25. Makea Pa Makea-the-defender.
26. Makea Te vairua and Makea-the-spirit and
26. Makea Tuaivi Makea-the-hill.
27. Makea Daniela and Makea-Daniel and
27. Makea Tavake Makea-the-tropic-bird.
28. Makea Abela and the above- Makea-Abel and the above-named
28. named Makea Tavake Makea-Tavake.
29. Makea Takau and the above- Makea-Twenty and the above-named
29. named Makea Tavake. Makea Tavake. Both now living.

* To be distinguished from rā = sun. It is merely an abbreviation of "tira "=" mast." Because the first syllable is dropped, the remaining one (ra) is lengthened (rā). In New Zealand, "mast" is "tiratu "=" the mast that stands up" (masts were set up or lowered at pleasure).