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Nation Making, a story of New Zealand


The wind was blowing a hurricane outside. The Maories had made up a big fire, and though the storm howled round the corners of the Runanga house, it stood firm, and we were all of us glad of its friendly shelter in such a night.

'Now,' said the President, 'we are ready for the next story, Mr. Station Manager. You must have gone through some adventures in this Colony. Can you not tell us about some of them?'

'Yes,' said the man of bullocks, 'I have done some rough-and-tumble work since my arrival many years ago in New Zealand. I have been put into some page 132queer corners by wild bullocks, as well as by wild Maories. The Surveyor's Story of the Taniwha, showing the fear the Maories have for reptiles, reminds me of an adventure I once had, with a snake in a Maori Pah, which I may as well tell you.'