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Nation Making, a story of New Zealand

Epochs of Church History

Epochs of Church History.

Edited by the Rev. Mandell Creighton. Fcp. 8vo. price 2s. 6d. each.

The English Church in other Lands. By the Rev. H. W. Tucker.

The History of the Reformation in England. By the Rev. George G. Perry.

The Church of the Early Fathers. By Alfred Plummer, D.D.

The Evangelical Revival in the Eighteenth Century. By the Rev. J. H. Overton.

A History of the University of Oxford. By the Hon. G. C. Brodrick, D.C.L.

A History of the University of Cambridge. By J. Bass Mullinger, M.A.

The English Church in the Middle Agea. By Rev. W. Hunt, M.A.

The Arian Controversy. By H. M. Gwatkin, M.A.

Wycliffe and Movements for Reform. By Reginald L. Poole.

The Counter-Reformation. By A. W. Ward.

The Church and the Roman Empire. By the Rev. A. Carr.

The Church and the Puritans, 1570–1660. By Henry Offley Wakeman.

The Church and the Eastern Empire. By the Rev. H. F. Tozer.

Hildebrand and His Times. By the Rev. W. R. W. Stephens.

The Popes and the Hohenstaufen. By Ugo Balzani.