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Nation Making, a story of New Zealand

Epochs of Modern History

Epochs of Modern History.

Edited by C. Colbeck, M.A. 19 volumes, fcp. 8vo. with Maps. Price 2s. 6d. each.

The Beginning of the Middle Ages. By the Very Rev. R. W. Church. With 3 Maps.

The Normans in Europe. By Rev. A. H. Johnson, M.A. With 3 Maps.

The Crusades. By the Rev. Sir G. W. Cox, Bart. M.A. With a Map.

The Early Plantagenets. By the Right Rev. W. Stubbs, D.D. With 2 Maps.

Edwaro. the Third. By the Rev. W. Warburton, M.A. With 3 Maps.

The Houses of Lancaster and York. By James Gairdner. With 5 Maps.

The Early Tudors. By the Rev. C. E. Moberly, M.A.

The Era of the Protestant Revolution. By F. Seebohm. With 4 Maps.

The Age of Elizabeth. By the Rev. M. Creighton, M.A. LL.D. With 5 Maps.

The First Two Stuarts. By Samuel Rawson Gardiner. With 4 Maps.

The Thirty Years' War, 1618–1648. By Samuel Rawson Gardiner. With a Map.

The English Restoration and Louis XIV., 1648–1678. By Osmund Airy.

The Fall of the Stuarts. By the Rev. Edward Hale, M.A. With 11 Maps.

The Age of Anne. By E. E. Morris, M.A. With 7 Maps and Plans.

The Early Hanoverians. By E. E. Morris, M.A. With 9 Maps and Plans.

Frederick the Great and the Seven Years' War. By F. W. Longman. With 2 Maps.

The War of American Independence, 1775–1783. By J. M. Ludlow. With 4 Maps.

The French Revolution, 1789–1795. By Mrs. S. R. Gardiner. With 7 Maps.

The Epoch of Reform,1830–1850. By Justin McCarthy, M.P.