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Letter from James Cowan to Horace Fildes, 14 June 1922

page 1

Dear Mr Fildes

In answer to your questions:
I was in town yesterday &
intended to call in and see you
but various calls prevented.

I am greatly obliged to you for
all the trouble you took in
disposing of those of those pictures for me.
The only other item I want to
sell, although but a small
one as far as price goes, is
a large photo of one of C. F.
's paintings of Te Aho-O
-Te Rangi
, a Waikato Kaumatua
whom I knew, an older man than
Patara Te Tuki, and more Moko'd.
The picture, showing the old man
attired in a long Korowai, is about
20 in. x 14 in. I shall bring

page 2

it in on thursday anyhow to
show you.

Am busy on various books -
have three in hand, besides
worrying the Govt-printing office
block-makers every hour of [gap — reason: unclear]
having up the remaining illustrations
so that i can set the
war history page up.

I shall will call in &
take my chances of
finding you disengaged tomorrow
thursday about 11.

With best wishes
yours faithfully
J. Cowan

page 3 P.S.
About Te Huia Raureti, of
N' Maniapoto. you said you didn't
know anything of him without
research. You won't find it
by research either - until
you see my Vol 1 with,
Orakau, &c Te Huia
Has never been mentioned by
any writer. However I knew him
of old in the Waikato - at
Kihikihi, & from him & and
anothertwo other old N' Maniapoto
I have a great deal of
interesting [unclear: narative] about the
Waikato war from the Maori side
Te Huia is a (nephew of Rewi
) is now about 81 yrs old.

J. C.